Tuesday, June 29, 2010

15 weeks!!!

June 29th

15 weeks!

Today I am 15 weeks!!! Could not feel more blessed. I am sure many people read my Pregnancy Rant from last week. And….apparently many did not! LOL Few more comments have been made but I definitely realize this is not going to change!! I have an appointment next week and I certainly can not wait to see the doctor. Mainly for him to remind me again I am pregnant!!! I feel like this is a dream sometimes. Had another melt down. I feel so guilty having these melt downs but between hormones and body changes it’s kinda hard not to. Thank GOD I have such an amazing husband. I broke down because I am so insecure right now and just feel fat really. I know it sounds vain but I worked so hard to get fit and in shape and now I am just soft all over. Mikie really put things into perspective for me. He told me to enjoy every moment of this because it could be a once in a lifetime chance. Wow…. This statement really made me open my eyes. Seriously what have I been thinking? I am carrying a child, our child for the 1st time in our lives. Who cares if I don’t have a flat stomach and you can’t see my muscles anymore. There is a precious GIFT of life growing inside of me. So, reality check big time. Mikie loves me inside and out. I could not be more blessed right now and beyond thankful. I love Reality checks. So, this weekend we are going shopping for some new clothes for me. It’s that time and I am sure that will help things as well.

As far as cravings….. Milk, milk, milk! Chocolate milk, and cheese burgers. Wonder why I am having melt downs? HAHAHA! I am on the cereal kick again. Cereal every morning for breakfast. This time it’s Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Kashi Blueberry Crunch. THANK GOD there is a healthy one in there! LOL The interesting thing is that I read at week 15 the babies bones are hardening so the baby demands more calcium! Good things I am listening to my cravings !

I love you Baby Sopczak and Mommy promises to try not to have anymore melt downs.

Friday, June 25, 2010

1st Pregnant Rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 25, 2010

Yes, this is exactly what the title said it was! I am ranting. If you are easily offended maybe it's best you don't read this. If you are not then please read on. I mean no harm to any certain persons by writing this therefore no names will be mentioned. So this pregnant hormonal chic is about to tell it like it is...well at least from my side!

I have thought about writing a book on Etiquette .... I think it would be titled " Etiquette on dealing with Pregnant Chics". Apparently when you get pregnant it opens doors for just about anything to be said to you. Things are said whether the person has been pregnant before or not! It's like I have a huge sign on me that says "I am Pregnant Please tell me what you think no matter how ugly it may be". Emotional? Not me! Hormonal? Not me! Growing a human inside me and trying to adjust to the daily changes to your body? No freakin way! I'm just pregnant.... say what you want please ! Really.... I am thinking about getting a sign to wear around my neck in flashing neon lights that says " I am pregnant". So if you are out there and feel like you want to tell any pregnant chic how God Awful your labor was, how many stretch marks you have and how big your A** got.....by all means please feel free. I hope if you are reading this you are sensing the sarcasm in my writing! I really do have a smile on my face right now! These are just a few comments that have been made to me so far during my short 14 weeks 3 days of pure bliss pregnancy. (and I stress only a FEW)

- "You know people probably just think you are getting fat and don't know you are pregnant" Oh yes...this was said to my face :) Now that make a pregnant chic feel AWESOME let me tell you. Maybe I should change the sign from Pregnant to FAT A**.

- "How far along are you? Oh...really....well gosh I wasn't showing at all at that time." Really? Do I really give a flying FLIP that you didn't have this beer belly when you were as pregnant as I am right now? NOT REALLY....

-"Oh honey you surely won't be able to keep wearing those heels much longer" SERIOUSLY I am not that far along...and just because the many of you said this I don't care how fat and swollen my feet get and if I have to buy a new pair of heels 3 sizes bigger when I am 8 1/2 months pregnant I will wear my heels and love every minute of it just to spite you :)

-" You know your feet are going to get so fat" Thanks....thanks for the re-assurance. Oh please read my remarks above because I will be wearing heels because of you too :)

-"Why would you work out still while you are pregnant, there's no point" Right... there is NO POINT at all to trying to keep myself healthy and maintain a healthy weight for my unborn child and for me. Damn...I think I may just go eat some donuts while typing the rest of this blog.

-"I had the worst labor ever. So many hours and so much pain" Gosh, Thank You for telling me this. As if I was nervous enough about a possible 7-8 pound human coming out down below now I know that the pain will be so unbearable I will want to die.... as if I didn't know this to begin with.

-"Your body will never be the same" Ahhhh that is so sweet of you to tell me that my Ass will be huge forever and so will my thighs! Oh well maybe you should read a few comments above and get with the person that asked me why I still work out......What's the point right?

-"Your boobs are going to be huge" THANK YOU...and when I say thank you this time I REALLY mean it! At least one thing on my body I don't mind getting big :)

-"You know you shouldn't eat this, this, this or this..." NO SHIT! Raw fish isn't healthy while you are pregnant?!? DUH...and as far as hot dogs and lunch meat ....Um I will do what my DOCTOR tells me is OK. Oh wait....are you a doctor? No...I didn't think so.

-"Eat whatever you want who cares" You and the person above need to hang out and take notes...apparently there is a discrepancy on what to eat and not to eat. When you guys talk get back with me. Oh actually.... don't get back with me because I don't care what you have to say!

Ok....for now I think this is enough. Trust me I really could keep going on and on and on and on. If  you are pregnant right now and reading this you would probably give me a high five. If you are not  pregnant you may be questioning whether you have ever said one of these things to me or something close. Don't sweat it if you have said something to me like this....really it's all good! I just think it's pretty hilarious that people really do say WHATEVER they think or feel when you are pregnant! I know people would have never said things to me like this when I wasn't pregnant. This is my body, and my baby and trust me after 4 1/2 years of wanting this so badly I would NEVER do anything to harm our child....or myself. And if you really want me to stay healthy and have a healthy pregnancy maybe people should think about your emotional state and your mental health as well. I bet that would keep some mouths closed.

I actually enjoyed writing this blog. I got out my irritations and mean not harm to anyone. I know the people that have said things meant no harm either. But like my Mom always taught me "Think before  you speak" That theory also applies when speaking with Pregnant Chics!

Much Love to everyone...and I promise I haven't lost my mind :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

14 weeks

June 22nd

14 weeks!

Wow, 14 weeks already! Missing my baby L Wish I could see him/her.

Father’s Day was Sunday the 20th. I got Mikie a sweet card. His 1st Father’s Day card ever! We went to my parents and had some wonderful food! My parents put a basket together for him containing: Wine, Advil, Candle, Ear Plugs, Cookie and gummies. The wine, ear plugs, advil and candle was totally meant for after the baby arrives! Too funny!!!!! I also had 2 melt downs this weekend/week. Clothing is getting tight people…..So I decided to do a little more shopping. I found some leggings and 3 shirts! None are maternity but totally work as maternity! Leggings are my new best friend!! I have put the belly band to good use this week too. I have been feeling really good. Still battling some dizziness but getting used to dealing with it. Still working out which is good. Energy is back to almost normal. Haven’t had any crazy cravings. Been eating cereal again everyday for breakfast. Just overall happy!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

13 weeks

June 15th

13 weeks today!!!! I am pretty sad that this is the 1st week I won’t get to see our little one since I no longer have to go every week for an ultrasound. I have to wait until July 7th. I spoke with Becky, Dr. Cone’s nurse, and she said all of my bloodwork from last week came back great. The testing for downs came back great as well! Very good news. We made the appointment to find out the baby’s sex on July 21 at 9am! I can’t believe we have to wait so long!!! But it’s really not that far away! Mikie and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on June 11th. We had a wonderful weekend together. 5 years of marriage, 9 ½ years together, and 4 ½ years of trying for a child. I treasure every moment we have and have had together. I love him so much and I thank God that he blessed us with each other. And now we are going to be a family and we are so very excited!!!

I bought 2 shirts this week that aren’t maternity but can be used as maternity! My pants are starting to get pretty tight. I bought a belly band to help with that soon. I am definitely growing and I keep reminding myself I am growing a baby and not just getting fat!!!!!

As far as food cravings…. Nothing really. Just still wanting red meat. I have been wanting ice cream for a while but this weekend for Father’s Day my sis is making an ice cream cake so that should do the trick!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

12 week visit w/ Dr. Cone

June 9th

7am appointment for Down’s testing. Was nice to have the ultrasound from on top of my belly this morning! Baby S was sound asleep! The heartbeat was 152. The ultrasound tech needed to take measurements and was pushing and pressing on my belly to try to wake the baby up! Unlike every other ultrasound when the baby won’t stop moving! Finally the baby move a little bit but that didn’t stop him/her from continuing to sleep! Obviously our little sweet pea wasn’t ready to wake up at 7am! After the ultrasound I went for blood work. 5 big vials of blood…. But I did really well! At this point it was 8am and I didn’t have my appointment with Dr. Cone until 9 so I hung out in the Crave CafĂ© in the medical building. At 9 I saw Dr. Cone. Since I had already had an ultrasound he didn’t do another one. He did however have a serious talk with me that I was not expecting. He tells me my pap smear came back abnormal. He said I have pre-cancerous cells along my cervix area. He went through the fact that 93% of women have normal pap smears and this other little percentage have abnormal. Then he goes on to tell me that there is 2 levels of pre-cancerous cells and I am luckly in the 1st level which is good because its not as bad as the 2nd level. He said something like 1 point something percent of women are in this category. I have to have another pap-smear when I am 6 months pregnant to check on it. He did say that my body could fight off the cells and my next pap-smear could come back just fine. And there is a possibly it could stay the same or get worse. He definitely didn’t sugar coat it but at the same time he didn’t want to freak me out. If it’s the same or worse after I deliver the baby we will decide what to do next. Obviously we won’t do anything while I am pregnant and he assured me this would not harm or affect the baby. So overwhelmed by all the info he said but held back the tears. I talked with the nurses after about my next appointment then spoke to the lady in the financial department to let me know how awesome it is that I am covered at 100% since we have spent sooooooo much $ this year on medical expenses! I just thought I was cool and feeling strong not to cry…. I could call Mikie, who was leaving to Chicago and wouldn’t be home tonight, without a single tear and just talk to him. But as soon as I heard his voice I broke down crying. Which by the way is so not good after you leave the doctors office and you are pregnant! He was so worried. I first finally got out that the baby was just perfect and he relaxed. Then I was able to get out the rest of my visit. He is such an amazing man. So reassuring and comforting even through the phone that even if I wasn’t going to be ok I felt like with him everything was ok. I hated that he had to leave today and we didn’t get to see each other. I can’t wait for him to come home so I could hug him so tight. He was so uplifting and it turned my attitude around. I am just believing in Jesus that my body will fight off these pre-cancerous cells and I will be just fine. So from Cloud 9 to Rock Bottom my emotions have exhausted me. But no worries… I am back on Cloud 9. Nothing will hold me back. We have a beautiful baby to raise ! Thank you Jesus.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

12 weeks

June 8th

12 weeks pregnant today! Can’t believe it’s already 12 weeks. Went in for my last ultrasound with Dr. Hadadd. Our little sweet pea was perfect and very active again! He/She is going to really give us a run for our money! It was a sad day leaving the fertility office. My last ultrasound with the staff who have been there every step of the way with us. I was in tears as was the staff. It’s crazy how close you get to people when going through such an intense situation. I promised to keep in tough. And I will for sure. Bittersweet. But the best thing about today is that I got to see our little angel and he/she never ceases to amaze me.

As far as cravings…. They have subsided a bit. Although Casa Ole and Ice cream would be real nice soon! Ear infection is much much better! Although I am still having some off balance issues things are getting better!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

11 weeks

June 1st

11 weeks today! Pregnancy is going perfect. Ultrasound with doctor was perfect. Baby S was so active today! Such a beautiful site! The only thing that stinks at the moment is the inner ear infection. So dizzy it’s hard to see straight! Unfortunately my doctor wouldn’t give me the type of medication for inner ear because it’s not safe during pregnancy. So I get to tough it out! I am praying to goes away soon.