Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kye's 1st Birthday Post

October 12, 2011

Getting close to Kye’s 1st Birthday I decided to go back and read a little of the blog that I so abruptly stopped writing. I am in complete disbelief that almost a year later we are sitting here about to celebrate Kye’s 1st Birthday. I have no clue and can’t not understand how Mikie and I got through those first 3 months of Kye’s life. The most challenging thing we have ever been through. Never did we imagine after trying to hard to get pregnant we would be faced with a premature baby who was on oxygen and an apnea montior. I look at Kye now and still can not believe he was as small as a little over 2lbs at one point. He is truly a miracle. We are so blessed he is such a healthy baby boy. He continues to amaze us everyday when we look at him in those beautiful blue eyes. I will never be able to wrap my brain around how we have survived everything we’ve been through…. I just know without God and many prayers from family and friends we would have never been able to. I believe Mikie and I have done everything we can to truly take in every moment of everyday we spend with Kye. I know we will continue to do this. We try not to wish for the next milestone or say we can’t wait for him to do something…because in all honestly I can wait!!! I don’t want him to grow up. He is my baby and always will be our one and only. Our little miracle, our Klove, our Bubba Love, Our Bubba, Our lil BMF, Our lil Mikie, Our Tank, Our KyeKye and mommas lil man. Kye, You have no idea how much daddy and I love you. I pray to God that one day you will completely understand how deep our love is for you. Happy 1st Birthday My sweet Angel

Mikie's Birthday/Kye's One day old

October 17th 2010

Mikie’s birthday!!! While in the recovery room on the 16th I talked to Cher. I was so concerned that about Mikie’s birthday cake that I had ordered. Cher offered to pick it up for me. We were able to have birthday cake on Mikie’s birthday !

I was able to see Kye in the NICU for the 1st time. This sweet precious little baby who I could not hold, touch or even talk to was ours. I had to stand there and just look at him. Never in my life did I ever think we would be standing there looking at our new born son who was 10 weeks early. My heart was completely broken. All of the ideas I had on how I wanted things to go and how wonderful it would be were just completely broken. You carry this child inside you for so long. You bond with them. You are so used to feeling them move inside you and all of a sudden it’s completely taken away in a blink of an eye.

Once we get back to the room Dr. Cone came by to check on me. He was completely amazed and in awe that I was alive. He was not on call the 16th so that is why Dr.Ball did the c-section. He said that in his 25 years of practicing he has only heard of a ruptured uterus twice. Both times were not one of his patience. One of these women did not make it. Dr. Cone said that I formed a blood clot after my uterus had ruptured. He said “we got lucky and some one was looking out for me and not ready for me to go yet.” I could have bled to death is what he said. I did however bleed quite a bit internally but because my body clotted long enough for them to do the surgery Kye and I were saved. It is all because of GOD. He was not ready to see us leave this earth. Nor did he want Mikie to lose his entire family in a split second. I saw Dr. Cone every day while I was in the hospital and he continued to be amazed and stressed the issue that we were alive.

Kye was born

I actually wrote these entries while Kye was in the hospital..... I just read them again for the first time in a year and I decided to post... Praise God, we are SO blessed.

October 16th 2010
It’s absolutely amazing what a wonderful pregnancy I had up until this point. I am still re-playing it all in my mind over and over. I just can’t believe it all happen so fast.
At 3 am I woke up feeling a little cramping. I thought it was possibly gas pains or constipation. By 4 am I was out of bed in the living room walking around hoping this little bit of pain would subside. At 7am I started to get concerned. The pain was getting much worse and I wasn’t sure what was going on. I spoke with my sister and she said it could be a kidney stone so I should go to the hospital because it could cause me to go into labor. At this point I had already called the afterhours line with my doctor and left my info for a nurse to call back. The pain begins to get worse and Mikie wakes up. I call my sweet neighbor Amanda and she suggest I go to the hospital immediately because it could be a kidney stone or worse. We get dressed and get out the door. So concerned Mikie wouldn’t get to eat for a while I literally made him pull over at Morning Kolache’s to get him some food. As we are driving I call the afterhours line and let them know we are on the way to the hospital. The nurse said she would contact them and let them know we were coming.

We get to the hospital and they get me in a room and hook me up to monitor the baby. He was doing just fine but I sure wasn’t. They did ultrasound on my kidneys and everything seemed to look ok. It took them 4 times before they could get an IV started on me. Finally had to get the anesthesiologist to do it. The pain got so bad I started to vomit. At this point they started to give me pain medication. I really have no clue how much they gave me but I was drugged pretty good. I don’t remember a lot of my surrounding but I do remember the important details. Kye’s heartbeat started to drop. It would be really high then drop really low. Dr. Ball started to get very concerned. She went and got another doctor to get her opinion. This other doctor who I don’t know her name came in and looked me straight in the eyes and said “If we do not take your baby right now he will die.” Those are words no mother to be who has tried for 4 ½ years and finally did IVF wants to hear. I was so drugged but I remember turning my head to look at Mikie trying to focus on his face. All I could do is stare. I couldn’t speak. Within seconds there was nurses all over the place asking questions, getting signatures and getting me ready for emergency c-section.
We get to the operating room and I am so drugged and still feeling pain. They prep me for the epidural. It barely felt like a pinch because I was so medicated. Now the doctors still have no idea what is going on with me they just know Kye is under stress and needs to come out. They were thinking it was something with my placenta which is a “normal” thing that can happen. They lay me down on the table and bring Mikie in. They let me know that there will be some pressure on my chest area but not to be alarmed. Looking back I am very thankful for all the pain medication before hand. I really have no idea mentally and emotionally how I would have dealt with all this. The doctor’s are doing the c-section and I hear one of them say “Wow, so that’s what happen.” Mikie stands up to look over the curtain. I still can’t believe he looked and saw all of my insides out on display. Well, there is was…the answer to why I was hurting so bad. My uterus ruptured. They get Kye out and rush him away with barely enough time for Mikie to snap a photo with his iphone. Yes, we went to the hospital but no way did we expect to have our baby. Not 10 weeks early especially. In the recovery room they wheeled Kye in to us once they had him hooked up to oxygen. I remember putting my hand into the isolete and him grabbing my finger. Mikie says his name and he turns his head with those big eyes and looks at us. Then they wheel him away.

That day I was still so medicated that I don’t remember much. I couldn’t cry or really understand what just happened. The next day however was different once reality set in.

Kye Love Sopczak
Born at 1:20 pm
3lbs 5oz
16.25 inches long

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week 29 & Week 30

Week 29

Mikie left again… this time to St.Louis. Luckly he came back on Thursday! Hopefully he won’t have to leave anymore for a while!
The baby shower is this weekend. My sister worked so hard getting all of them addressed and mom mailed them off. Unfortunately I would write a hate letter to the Post office but they probably somehow wouldn’t get it! I have found out so far that 10 people have not received their invite. However it’s a little late in the game for people to try to come when they are just finding out! I am sad that so many people won’t be able to make it and that who knows how many other’s never received an invite.
Next week is the carpet install and the tv/sound system install. I am BEYOND ready to get this carpet in the house so that I can order all Kye’s furniture and get this thing rolling!!!!! Now, this weekend is going to be insane getting all the lose items moved into the racecar trailer until the carpet is put it. Trying not to stress but we have a loooooong weekend and week ahead of us!
Well…..found out Mikie has to leave Monday for Georgia but he comes home Thursday. UGH!!!!!! So aggravating but it’s his job……..
Friday we went 90 to nothing moving the refrigerator into the garage to have room for the new one that was delivered on Saturday. We also started boxing things up for the carpet install next week. The new refrigerator is SO AWESOME! My project next week is to move everything from the old one to the new one.
Saturday I was up at 7 am and non-stop until 8:30 pm. My entire body hurts! Started boxing up things and then my shower was at 2. It was very well. So very thankful for the wonderful friends and family and their generosity!

Week 30

Mikie had to go out of town to Georgia. Sort of a last minute trip. Carpet was being installed this week. Pretty stressful week but the carpet looks and feels amazing! Mikie came home Thursday and TV install was Friday. Friday was crazy because he thought Stray got loose but luckly she was just hiding. Friday night we watched Iron Man 2 and just chilled! Then Saturday happened…..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 28

Week 28

September 28th
Doctor appointment went well with Dr. Cone. I weighed as soon as I went in…I really wish they would leave this part out!! He went over my results for my follow up pap smear. Everything was still the same but the good news is nothing was worse! He asked if anything big was going on and I simply commented “beside me…nothing”. He laughed and insisted that I was an adorable pregnant woman. Kye’s heartbeat was strong as always! Everything is looking great!

Saturday Mikie and I went to our 1st baby class at Texas Women’s! It was called Life with Baby. We learned so much! I really never thought we would learn as much as we did. I was very glad she talked about circumcisions because I know nothing about them. And now I know exactly what to expect! Mikie was so awesome in the class. Changing the baby doll’s diaper and giving him a pretend bath! Mikie seriously is the swaddle master! I didn’t do near as good a job as he did. It was like he had done it a million times! He asked questions that were really good. I was SO PROUD to have him there with me and that he was my husband. I felt bad for the lady next to us who’s husband at one point used the baby doll as a pillow to nap a bit. We had such a great time together in this class. At one point while we were watching a video on ways to calm your crying baby I got the giggles so bad I thought I might have to excuse myself from class! Half way through the class I get a text message from Mikie telling me how much this class was making him excited about Kye. It was definitely a bonding experience for us and I am so glad we went! Our next class is the Breast feeding class. He is going with me so that he can totally support me and encourage me through it! Gosh I love him so much!

Kye has been getting the hiccups lately here and there. Before I could only feel them inside and not on the outside. Now, I can feel them on the outside! Mikie got to feel them! It’s the cutest thing ever!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

26 & 27 weeks

September 14th
Week 26

Well week 26 started with a melt down! My sciatic nerve eased up so I decided to workout at the gym. Well, on the way there from work I start feeling insecure and debated on going. Mikie called and encouraged me so I ended up going to the gym. Ofcourse as soon as I got home he was smiling and saying he was proud of me for going and how he thinks I am so beautiful. I broke down crying. I don’t feel beautiful. I think my belly is beautiful but my thighs, butt and face are chubby. He basically told me I was being extremely too hard on myself and really needed to relax. He really is simply amazing and I love him beyond what words can describe. Wednesday Mikie flew out to St. Louis for the day for work. In the middle of the day I get this text from him “ I love ya’ll more than my next breath”. My heart completely melted. I decided to walk around the block since my security blanket wouldn’t be at the gym tonight. Well low and behold my sciatic nerve started acting up. I still finished my measly little mile but there were tears when I was done. After a nice warm bath I felt a little better. Dang nerve!!!! Mikie was able to feel Kye moving around! He has felt him kick but finally got to feel him moving like a maniac. Such an awesome moment!

We registered for 2 classes at Texas Womens. Infant care class and the breast feeding class. One is Oct 2nd and the other is the 23rd. We also finally picked out the carpet we want and have it scheduled to be done the week of October 11th. The baby shower is on the 9th. Mikie’s Birthday is the 17th. Michelle’s Bachlorette party is the 23rd. October is going to be jam packed. I have no clue when Kye’s room is going to get finished. Trying SO HARD not to stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did a maternity photoshoot with Laurie on Sunday. She is starting her own photography business and wanted to do a shoot with me. It went great and can not wait to see the pics!

Mikie left Monday the 20th for Michigan again. He will be back Thursday THANK GOD!

September 28th
27 weeks

Mikie is in Michigan again….. He came home Thursday. I hate him leaving. Time is going so fast. I had anxiety on Friday and literally nothing brought it on. I have too much going through my head I suppose. This coming Friday the 1st will be my co-worker Kathleen’s last day before her surgery. She will be out for 4 weeks. I have been completely fine up until now about it. I have so much going on in my personal life trying to get ready for baby and now work it just going to be adding to it. Way too much of an overwhelming feeling.

Saturday was Lauren’s 1st birthday party. I can’t believe she is already 1! We had a great time at her party!

We found Kye’s curtains at Target. Just need to measure to see what size we need to get. We also went to Lowe’s and got some samples for painting. We will have to wait until the carpet is install before we can decide. Still trying to find the right lamp for Kye’s room. We are adding the checkered flags to it so I have to find the right one so we can drill in it!

Went to Walmart on Sunday morning and as I am in the restroom messing with my eye in the mirror this lady walks in. She says very loudly “OMG I thought you were going to go into labor”. I literally just turned and stared at her. Seriously lady….I AM NOT THAT BIG 1st of all and 2nd of all if I was hunched over moaning than by all means you can think I was going into labor. Then, Monday at work this guys says “Please don’t go into labor today, I don’t know how to deliver a baby.” Now, I let him off the hook since I like him and work well with him but still……. And to top off Week 27, I went to the gym and some little teenie bopper little boy say “WHOOW” when I walked by. I almost turned around and gave him a lesson in hormonal pregnant women….but I didn’t think he could handle me! Most important….I can’t hide the fact I am pregnant and don’t want to! My belly is big and that means our precious baby Kye is growing like he is supposed to! God is so amazing!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

25 Weeks


Week 25

Mikie came home today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO excited and happy to see him. I wish he never had to leave again!!! He of course was amazed at my growing belly! Went and got my hair done Tuesday night. Decided to dye it all brown again. Of course I am soooo pale that I need a tan so I don’t look washed out. Had my 25week appointment with Dr. Cone on Wednesday. I told him about my gallbladder and he said we would just keep an eye on it. Obviously avoid the foods that trigger it. I did the glucose testing for gestational diabetes and my results came back just fine! Although it did make me a little crazy from all the sugar! Dr. Cone did my follow up pap smear to check on the pre-cancerous cells but I haven’t heard back on the results yet. Unfortunately had to cancel pictures with Laurie for this weekend. So much going on it was stressing me out! But luckily we re-scheduled for next weekend! Still a busy weekend but will be able to do it without the stress! We ordered a pretty bra and panties set online tonight that I think I will feel very comfortable in! So, I am very excited about the pics!

Now that Mikie is home I guess the fact that we are having a baby sorta hit me again. We have so much to do and I feel like we are running out of time! I know everything will fall into place but I am having issues really believing that!