Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kye's 1st Birthday Post

October 12, 2011

Getting close to Kye’s 1st Birthday I decided to go back and read a little of the blog that I so abruptly stopped writing. I am in complete disbelief that almost a year later we are sitting here about to celebrate Kye’s 1st Birthday. I have no clue and can’t not understand how Mikie and I got through those first 3 months of Kye’s life. The most challenging thing we have ever been through. Never did we imagine after trying to hard to get pregnant we would be faced with a premature baby who was on oxygen and an apnea montior. I look at Kye now and still can not believe he was as small as a little over 2lbs at one point. He is truly a miracle. We are so blessed he is such a healthy baby boy. He continues to amaze us everyday when we look at him in those beautiful blue eyes. I will never be able to wrap my brain around how we have survived everything we’ve been through…. I just know without God and many prayers from family and friends we would have never been able to. I believe Mikie and I have done everything we can to truly take in every moment of everyday we spend with Kye. I know we will continue to do this. We try not to wish for the next milestone or say we can’t wait for him to do something…because in all honestly I can wait!!! I don’t want him to grow up. He is my baby and always will be our one and only. Our little miracle, our Klove, our Bubba Love, Our Bubba, Our lil BMF, Our lil Mikie, Our Tank, Our KyeKye and mommas lil man. Kye, You have no idea how much daddy and I love you. I pray to God that one day you will completely understand how deep our love is for you. Happy 1st Birthday My sweet Angel

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