Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 21 & 22

August 23rd
Week 21 & 22

My oh my how the time is flying by. I continue to feel blessed everyday for this experience. Skippy came by and we discussed the paintings he will do in Kye’s room. We are so excited that a friend will be able to add that special touch to his room. Went to babies r us again! That place seriously never gets old.

I had my 22 week doctor appointment on my Birthday. Everything looks good. Got to hear Kye’s heartbeat again. Since Mikie is out of town and hasn’t heard it I recorded it on my phone. The sweetest sound ever! Dr. Cone assured me that my weight gain was good and healthy. He gave information on the glucose test I will take at my next appointment. I now will see him every 3 weeks instead of 4. My belly is definitely growing and he reminded me that I will probably look full term at 7months! Obviously because there is no where for Kye to go but out! He also said at my next appointment or the following appointment we would do another pap to check on the pre-cancerous cells.

I may not always feel like a hottie but I can tell you that my husband sure thinks I am. Friday the 20th will have made 3 weeks we haven’t seen each other. I have missed him terribly. I have been sending him pictures of me and my belly on his phone so he can see his wife and baby growing together. He was able to come home on my birthday the 19th. His flight landed at 10:35pm. I could barely wait for him to get home! You would really think he was gone for months. We had the best mini-vacation together. All we did was eat and chill! No house work no normal responsibilities just enjoying each others company. I am so extremely blessed to have such an amazing man by my side. He works so hard to provide for us…his family. I have been feeling Kye move around constantly! I don’t think that little boy every stops. But, I will say every time Mikie put his hand on my belly and started talking to him he would stop moving! Maybe he was concentrating on what his daddy was saying! I read all my books with Mikie on what stage of growth he is at and the book said that if you hold a flash light to your belly more than likely he will try to move away from the light. So, as curious as I was ,and how bad I wanted Mikie to feel him move before he left again, we tried! I held the flash light on the right side of my belly because I know without a doubt that is where his little eyes are. (he favors the right side since day one) Mikie put his hand on the left side of my belly and what do you know… worked!!!!! Poor little guy started kicking and Mikie got to feel him!!! Absolutely amazing and such a special moment for us to share. Unfortunately Mikie flew out again this morning back to Michigan. I miss him so much already. Our home is not the same without him. This experience of pregnancy has made me fall more deeply in love with him. More than I ever thought possible.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

20 weeks!!!

August 3rd
20 Weeks

Half way to meeting Kye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not believe it!!!!!!!!!!!! Where has the past 20 weeks gone!?!?!?! Mikie is still gone. I miss him so very much. We are trying to figure out if I will fly out to see him or if he will be able to come home for a couple days. I keep sending photos so he can see the baby bump grow.

All I seem to want these days is sweets. Nothing else sounds appetizing at all. My sister went with me to Babies R Us to start registering for little items that Mikie won’t care about. I have been spending much time in Babies R Us lately! I am so thankful for my sister, Natalie and Devon right now. They have been my support group on what we need for Kye! Can not imagine not having them, I would be lost!!!

MawMaw Glorioso came in town and it was so nice to see her. She gave Kye these little booties that are white crochet and just the sweetest little things ever! My sweet neighbor Amanda gave him a swim shirt that has a skull on it! Could not be more appropriate! My sis has given us so much stuff that she used for Lauren and that were unisex. Gosh, we are so grateful for everyone caring so much! I bought 2 hats for Kye. I want to buy everything right now but keep telling myself to stop!!!

I have been feeling pretty good lately besides being sad Mikie isn’t here. I touched base with Peggy’s childcare and gave them Kye’s name and made sure all was ok for him to start!

Feel so blessed that every day I feel him moving inside me. I told Mikie the other day I swear Kye was either wrestling the umbilical cord or acting like it was a punching bag! Mikie said he was probably swinging from it! LOL I can’t wait to see his sweet face.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

19 weeks :)

July 27th
Week 19

Almost to the half way point! This is flying by so fast for me. Everywhere I turn there is something somehow reminding me of this little boy that will be here before we know it! He is definitely reminding me as well that he exist with all the movement! I absolutely love feeling him, no other feeling in the world like it. Dr. Cone said the Placenta is in the back so I would feel much more of his movements! I keep wondering what he will look like. Such a little blessing!

Mikie had to leave town this week for a oil spill in Michigan. He left Friday morning. I cried Thursday night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I miss him so much. We have been inseparable for so long that it is so hard not having him with me. I think he informed all of my friends to make sure I feed his son while he was away because it seems that all I have done is eat! I am trying not to have anxiety about the projects of getting the house ready for Kye. It’s hard not to have a little without Mikie here. It will all get done at some point! I just keep reminding myself how blessed we are. I am BEYOND ready for Mikie to come back home!!!!

I have been peeing A LOT recently. I am sure that is because Kye is growing bigger! Ice cream is all I seem to want. I really would eat it 24/7 if I could right now!