Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Egg Retrieval

March 30th

We woke up at 6:30 to get ready to be at the doctor at 9:15. I made Mikie breakfast and coffee but I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink! I wasn’t nervous about anything just ready! We get to the Surgery Center and they took me back to prep me pretty quickly. Of course my little nervous bladder I used the restroom several times. The nurse put the IV in my hand which hurt really bad! Dr. Witz is the doctor that did the retrieval. They took me back to the operating room and put warm blankets on me. Dr. Winn (the anesthesiologist) put the oxygen mask on and shortly after I just remember saying “oh u must have put something in my IV” and…..then I was waking up in recovery drinking ice water. They gave me pain meds and a shot for cramping before we left. Also, got a prescription for Vicodin. We went through the drive thru at Chic fil a and came home and ate. I crashed out shortly after eating…so did Mikie J When we woke up we went outside and layed out for a little while. Today was way too beautiful to be inside all day. I will be taking another vicodin in just a bit. I have some bloatedness and cramping but nothing too terrible. Now, I am a little nervous! I am praying all of the eggs were good and they all make it! We will find out tomorrow how many there was and when the transfer will be. I am more nervous to get that phone call then I was to have the eggs removed. I have to let go and let GOD. Just amazed that our baby/babies will be transferred soon into my uterus!

Monday, March 29, 2010


March 29th

No shots tonight!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Not nervous about tomorrow! Just really excited that it’s finally here!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting close to ER

March 28th

US today with Dr. Haddad. He said we were ready to do the egg retrieval! It is now scheduled for Tuesday the 30th of March at 9:15am. Tonight Mikie will give me 2 shots of ovidrel to prepare my ovaries for the retrieval. We have to do the 2 shots precisely at 10:45 tonight! I also started Doxycycline twice a day for 5 days to make sure there is no existing infection in my body. I believe he said I had 6 matured eggs and seemed pleased! The transfer should now either fall on the 2nd which is Good Friday or the 4th which is Easter! We will find out on Wednesday whether it’s a 3 day or 5 day transfer. Very excited and really can’t believe it’s almost time. God is taking such good care of us. Words can not describe the feelings I have right now.

Saturday, March 27, 2010



BW & US today. I had to drive to the Fondron location. It was very busy for a Saturday but according to the nurse it was a slow Saturday! After Dr. Haddad did my ultra sound I had blood drawn. It took the nurse 2 times before she got my veins. I have really good veins so it must have been an off day for her! I got the phone from the nurse at 11:30 that I needed to increase my dose. The Menupor was to stay the same at 75IU’s but the Follistim needed to increase from 75 to 150! Come on little follicles GROW! I also had to take the Ganirelix Acetate. We were at Juli and Lance’s watching UFC and had to run home to do the shots. I have an appointment tomorrow at 9 am at the Fondron location for another US and BW. Egg retrieval is getting so close.

Friday, March 26, 2010


March 26th

BW & US today at 8:15. Everything is looking good. When the nurse was doing my ultra sound she started with the right ovary and measured all the follicles then went to the left ovary. When she got to the left ovary her eyes got big! I told her I was a little sensitive on the left side and she said well I guess so girl…… and she turned the monitor to me to show me all the follicles and how big they are! Awesome !!! I need to start the Ganirelix Acetate Injection tonight along with my normal dose of meds. The Ganirelix Acetate is to stop me from ovulating. My body is starting to think it needs to get ready to ovulate but the Doctor isn’t ready for me to yet. I have the same amount of follicles and more small ones. He wants to give the smaller ones a chance to grow. Tomorrow at 8:30 I go to the Fondren Piney Point location for BW & US to check the progress. Tonight is date night for Me and Mikie….Hooters! Shot # 8 tonight

Thursday, March 25, 2010

shot # 7

March 25th

Crazy day at work but refused to get stressed out and it worked! I can feel the twinges in my ovaries and I am definitely bloated! A little emotional from the meds. We watched the Ghost of Girlfriends Past and at the end I wanted to cry….Really? HA! Shot #7 tonight. Just feeling very blessed and thankful that we actually have the opportunity to go through this…..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

shot #6 , BW & US

March 24th-

BW & US today. Everything is looking good! Now I have 7 follicles on the left ovary and 5 on the right ovary! Doc said to continue on the same dose of medicine and they would see me on the 26th at 8:15! Shot # 6 tonight.

Monday, March 22, 2010


March 22nd

Blood work and Ultrasound appointment at 8am this morning. My ovaries are responding very well to the medications. Right now after only 3 shots I have 4 measurable follicles on my left ovary and one on my right. And lots of small ones developing!!! Dr. Haddad said to continue the same dose and I go back on Wednesday the 24th for more blood work and another ultrasound! Shot #4 tonight was ok. Mikie told me to stand closer to him so he doesn’t have to throw the needle at my stomach like a dart! LOL

The bloating is starting to set in. Goodbye flat tummy! Small price to pay

Today I had 2 negative comments said to me about this process. I choose not to type them nor acknowledge them. God is in charge of this process and it is in his hands not mine or anyone elses. But I Choose to be positive, optimistic and excited about it. I have no other option but to see good in this. I choose not to see anything negative or worry about What if’s. God is in control.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2nd & 3rd shots

March 20th- March 21st

2nd shot on the 20th. We packed everything up again because we were going to go to dinner at Olive Garden. Once we got in the car and realized it was 730 and I called and there was a long wait…..we decided Antonio’s would do! We were able to do the shot at home since it was close. This time it was the right side of my stomach. 2 down 8-10 more to go!

3rd shot on the 21st. This one hurt a little but that’s ok , it’s going to be worth it!

Friday, March 19, 2010

1st injection :)

March 19th

US & BW today at 8am. Beyond excited to start getting stuck with needles tonight!!

Injection Time- We went to the Houston race track tonight so that Mikie could take Mortisha down the track and do some testing and tuning. I packed all the medications to do our first shot! How cool doing my first fertility shot at one of the places Mikie loves most! Hopefully our kid doesn’t come out with a mullet! LOL Mikie mixed the medicine and gave me my first shot on the left side of my stomach! (75IU of Menapur and 75 IU of Follistim) It wasn’t too bad. Sub q shot’s are a easy

Monday, March 15, 2010

#2 Hysteroscopy

March 15th

Today was my second Hysteroscopy. Exactly one month from my last one. Michelle my dear friend took me again. So grateful for that girl! This time it was a piece of cake! My uterus was healed and we have the go ahead to start injections Friday the 19th!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Injection Training/Consent Forms/Infecious Disease test

March 10th

2:00 appointment for injection training, signing consent forms and infectious disease blood test. 1st I am told I owe $600 for the blood test. Now, I didn’t freak out because the receptionist Sara is a sweet girl and nothing but helpful. I calmly reminded her that she should bill through insurance since we do have “testing” as part of our coverage. She agreed and apologized….no biggie. Then Rene the nurse comes out and asks if we brought our medications with us. At this point I start to get irritated because the nurse Pricilla that booked our appointment never said we needed our meds. We were NOT going to reschedule because of her screw up. Rene was really sweet and said we would make do with what they had to do the training. We told Rene that we have done shots before and Mikie knows how to mix the medicine from one vial to another ect…. So she felt much better knowing this. Then she proceeds to tell us that Pricilla is no longer with the clinic. You know, I kept telling myself not to be too sensitive when I talked to Pricilla on the phone….I always felt like I was putting her out and frustrating her with my questions. I really convinced myself that I was just hormonal! UM NO….. apparently she is not compassionate at all. I felt relieved that we would be able to deal with Rene and Julie from this point on. Back on the training….if we were a couple who had never been through 6 months prior fertility treatments this whole thing could be very overwhelming. I am thanking GOD that we have been through some of this already! All the medicines and needles don’t bother me at all! Now, the progesterone shot will be the most painful since it is intramuscular and it’s a 22 gage needle and it’s an inch and a half long and that I may have to do them for up to 8 week starting the day before the transfer……but you know what, I would do them everyday for 9 months if I had to just to get the end result. I already have back ups if Mikie is out of town. Amy and Amanda are my next door neighbors and they are both nurses! Also, my neighbor Heather across the street is a nurse so I think I am covered! We completed the training and did the blood work and urine sample, then it was on to signing the consent forms. The one question that stuck with me the most was if we have and frozen embryos left and Mikie and I pass away at the same time what do we want to do with the remaining frozen embryos. What an awful question but it must be answered. The options were A) discard them B) donate to science C) donate to another couple. We chose C. I pray that never has to happen though…….

Once the paperwork was done we were on our way! I did inventory of all the medications and were only missing my antibiotics so we will get those ordered next week. Very exciting to be so close to officially starting this process. The count down is on!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Medicines Came in!!!

March 5th

The medicine came in!!!!!!!!! And the best part is….That GOD is so amazing! We were expecting to pay around $2,700.00 for the medications but thank the LORD our insurance actually covered them! So, instead of paying $2,700.00 we paid $205.40. All we had to pay were the co pays for each drug. Beyond Thankful for this. I had to have the meds delivered to work since someone had to sign for it and the Follistim and Ovidril has to be refrigerated. When I opened the box I got the giggles. There was so much stuff inside! Each and every item in this box will help us conceive the baby we have longed for. I took pictures of everything. I am embracing every moment and thanking God that we are finally here. Another amazing part about today is that Mikie was able to remove his neck brace!! Almost a month ago I thought my world was falling apart in front of me. Now, today as I type this I am in AWE of what God has done in our lives. Everything is moving along and I truly feel now is the time. I am not nervous. I am not doubtful. I have so much Faith I am surprised at myself. I am not fearful. I am confident and positive that God is in control and I am at peace.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ordering Meds

March 1st

Mother Nature hit yesterday so I called the nurse today. She called in a prescription for Birth Control Pills. I will take BCP for 2 weeks. On the 15th I will have another Hysteroscopy to make sure that my uterus has healed properly. Then on the 19th we will start the injections!!!!!!!! Priscilla (nurse) ordered my medications today from Metro Drugs in New York. Wow, it seems so real now!!!