Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kye Love Sopczak (18weeks)

July 21st

Kye Love Sopczak

It’s a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today was the day….FINALLY! We went in for the ultra sound and got to see our precious little boy. I of course started crying my eyes out because I was so overjoyed! Mikie had said all along it was a boy. I wasn’t sure, I didn’t have any gut feelings about it. Now, my mom thought it was a girl. She was shocked when we called her and told her the news but very excited. My dad was thrilled as well. This is the 1st grandson for them and the first grandchild for Mikie’s mom! I really don’t think I can describe in words how I am feeling. Beyond happy and I can’t help but smile. We are going to have a little man in our home! Mikie and I talked from 6:30-10 pm about baby Kye. What will he be like? What foods will he like? What will he look like? What sports will he want to play? What girls will he like? (oh my) We talked about everything from circumcision to wedding! We are on Cloud 9! Wait… make that Cloud 10! It’s amazing how much more real things are now. We are having a baby! Not only a baby but a baby boy and his name is Kye. Ofcourse Grandma Barbara already went out and purchased ½ of the store Carter’s! Mom, Dad, Ashlyn and Lauren came by to give us all the fun stuff for Kye. Again, it became much more real for Mikie and I. I also finally got to buy something! I bought him a vintage looking shirt that has a 1969 mustang on the front! Couldn’t be more perfect! Also bought a shirt that has a race car on the front and says race car! I will be ordering the baby bedding in the next couple days which of course will be a race car theme. We are going to paint the walls soon and order the furniture! Sooooooo much to do!

Kye Love Sopczak- the meaning behind the name

Mikie and I have had lots of time in 4 ½ years of trying to conceive to think of names for our children. It was important to us to have meaning behind the names we chose.

Kye- Mikie had a brother who passed away in a motorcycle accident when Mikie was 3 or 4. Mikie was young yet remembers very well. His brother’s name was Russell Kye Sopczak. We decided on Kye in remembrance of his brother.

Love- Mikie’s sweet grandpa passed away almost 2 years ago. His name was William Love Ellis. We thought the middle name Love was perfect for Kye. We know his grandpa is smiling in heaven knowing we are having a little boy and using his middle name.

Such an emotional time in our lives. Knowing we will bring a baby boy into this world and raise him to be a wonderful man. My heart melts just thinking of all the new fun things I will learn with Kye. We will do our absolute best to raise a God Loving, smart, respectful, patriotic young man. Mommy loves you Kye.

Monday, July 19, 2010

17 weeks!

July 13th

17 weeks

Week 17! Watch out… I actually think I look pregnant for the 1st time! Although dude from the gym looked amazed when I said I was pregnant. Guess he was thinking beer belly. Also had someone tell me that since I wore some maternity pants people won’t think I look fat anymore. LOL . I am pretty much embracing the comments for what they are now. I still find them rather funny! My belly has really grown this week. Mikie keeps smiling and saying “you are so pregnant!“ Hahaha! We are both extremely excited about the 21st!!!!! Boy or Girl?!?!?!?! Talked to Mikie’s mom on the phone and she swears it’s a girl just like my mom!

Finally went shopping with Ashlyn and my mom. Found some items at Burlington Coat Factory , Motherhood and Ross! I shopped from 10:30-6 and got 6 items!Thank goodness for the chic at Motherhood this time. Different Motherhood than last time. She was heaven sent. And they actually carry petite pants!!! I was so thrilled! Although I need way more than I bought atleast it was a start. I did get Marble slab! And Tiramisu!

Cravings: Milk, Icecream and now all of a sudden Pizza. The cravings seem a little stronger right now than before which is weird. I thought they faded away after a while?? I am still eating cereal every morning. Lucky Charms, Kashi and now Captain Crunch! I still refuse to buy icecream and keep it at home. I would eat it all in a matter of days. I will control myself to just do once a week. So far it’s working!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

16 weeks!

July 7th


16 week pregnant!!! 4 months and embracing the bump! I still need clothes bad but making do with what I have until I can actually find some that fit! Motherhood trips wasn’t the greatest. After telling the chic I just wanted to look she insisted on helping me. She kept saying we needed to figure out what size I was. Ok Seriously? I am 4 foot 11 and petite…….Probably need an extra large lady….. Well she finally figured out I was a size small and grabbed everything she could find! I skipped over many of the items she pulled because I will pass on looking like I am 80 thank you very much! And the rest of it was too big still. A bit frustrating but no major meltdown just a little one! HAHA! So for now the bellyband and a couple of items my sweet neighbor Amy gave me will have to do. Been having a little bit of lower back pain and major sinus headaches. I finally broke down and took something for my sinus that my doctor said was ok. I felt guilty but said a little prayer that baby would be ok. I was laying in bed the other night and felt 2 flutters!! I am still patiently waiting for it to happen again! I saw doctor Cone today. I did the 2nd part of the blood work for downs. The nurse weighed me……….no comment! She then takes out this little instrument and says “Oh we haven’t done this yet” She asks me to lay back and at this point I ask what the heck is she gonna do. We are going to listen to the baby’s heartbeat!!! Baby was all the way on the right side. That little heartbeat was just a beating away! I was in such awe and overwhelmed with joy and then I realized Mikie wasn’t with me to experience this. I wish I had known and he would have come. I was so very bummed out and so was he. The heartbeat definitely reminded me that I was in fact pregnant. Besides a few ache pains and cravings I would never know I was pregnant. I feel very blessed by the lack of horrible symptoms but very eager to actually “feel” pregnant! Dr. Cone came in and measured me. He assured me that in the next 4-6 weeks there was going to be no hiding that I am pregnant. Although I can’t hide it now! Two weeks and we find out if it’s a boy or girl! OMG I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God for this opportunity!!!!! I have to say AGAIN that I am married to the most amazing man ever. He told me that I was such a beautiful pregnant woman the other day and many other very sweet sweet things. I am so blessed.

Cravings: Milk, and ice cream. I haven’t given in to the ice cream yet but I will very soon!