Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spoke w/ Doc

I spoke with Dr. Haddadd today and he said that the size of septum that he removed would have caused me about a 50% miscarriage rate. However, this septum was not preventing me from conceiving. Thankfully he removed it because it was located exactly where the embryos would be place during InVitro. So, we are ready to move full speed ahead on the InVitro. I am to call when Mother Nature hits and we will take it from there.

Monday, February 15, 2010




Today was Mikie’s first day back to work after his surgery. Since this was the case Michelle took me to have my hysteroscopy with Dr. Haddad. I was so nervous but so excited to get the ball rolling! A hysteroscopy is where they go into the uterus with a camera to make sure everything looks good so that when the doctor puts in the fertilized egg there isn’t anything that would inhibit it from implanting. I must have peed 15 times before they finally took me back to the operating room. I was so nervous!! Before I knew it I was in recovery and Michelle and I were talking. Although she had to tell me what we were talking about because of the medicine I don’t remember! Apparently I tried to be funny and ask the doctor if I could drive my Ferrari . He asked if I had one and I just simply said no. (I don’t remember this at all) Michelle picked up my prescriptions of Estrace and Provera. They are similar to birth control but they are to also promote healing in the uterus. Well, to our surprise Dr. Haddad removed a Septum from my uterus. It is a birth defect. It causes multiple miscarriages or infertility. Now, as thrilled as we were he removed it we were equally as frustrated because our last doctor didn’t bother to look in my uterus when she did the laparoscopy!!!!!!! UGH Seriously ………. So the initial frustration was: we did the laparoscopy and she was able to laser all the endometriosis then did 6 months of aggressive fertility treatments………and maybe had she taken the time while she was already in there to take a look inside my uterus this would have saved us time, money and emotional agony, and would probably have children by now. BUT, right now the last thing we need is any negative energy therefore we are moving forward with a positive attitude and not looking back. God has his plan and this plan is greater than ours. We are now in the right hands with Dr. Haddad and I know God placed us with him on purpose. We are going to talk to the doctor and get his opinion about us possibly trying on our own for a couple months before doing IVF. Either way I am taking Estrace for 15 days and provera for 5. I will then have a cycle and start birth control again but only for 2 weeks. During this two weeks I will have another Hysteroscopy to make sure my uterus is healed. At this point we will either try on our own for a couple months or start the InVitro process. This week has been physically taxing on me and I have been in an enormous amount of pain which my doctor assures me is normal after removing a septum. I am just thankful we have come this far and every step is closer and closer to having our own child.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1st Ultrasound & BloodWork

2/2/10 1st Ultra Sound and Blood Work

Today I went in for a baseline ultrasound and blood work to check my hormone levels. Dr.Haddad actually did my ultrasound and showed me the following: My right ovary had an “egg” that was trying to mature before I got on BCP and he was able to see some endometriosis around the ovary. The left ovary had left over bleeding from ovulation last month and he could also see some possible endometriosis. My uterus had a fibroid in it but it was far enough away from where the fertilized egg will be put so he was not concerned. Over all he thought everything looked good and we could continue. I also had BW done but do not know the results yet. I am sure all is good in that area too. I set up my appointment to do the Hysteroscopy. Which is where they put me to sleep and insert a camera with a light on it into my uterus vaginally. This is so the doctor can make sure there is nothing inside my uterus that would harm the “transfer” of the fertilized egg. I have it set for February 15th. Sweet Michelle will be taking me so that Mikie doesn’t have to take another day off of work. We are really appreciative of her J We had Hooter’s tonight and drank some beer. Mikie’s surgery is scheduled for the 4th at 10am. He is beyond ready to get back to normal…..and I am very ready for him to as well. We are feeling very blessed right now despite the his situation. He sold an old car part today that will help pay for his surgery!!! He wasn’t even really trying to sell it! Then he may sell 2 other parts that will completely pay for his surgery! God is really looking out for us. I feel such peace and calm in my heart. Along with Excitement on what God is doing in our lives right now. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!!