Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Heartbeat :)

April 27th

Doctor appointment today at 9:30. Blood work and ultrasound today. Blood work results were good. Dr. Haddad did the ultrasound and was able to detect a heartbeat!!!!!! The little flutter on the ultrasound screen was our baby’s heart. Now it is becoming a little more real. Starting to sink in a little more each day. Dr. Haddad said the baby was perfect and beautiful! Very healthy! We set up my next appointment on May 4th. I am 6 weeks along now. He said to go ahead and make an appointment with Dr. Cone my regular OBGYN. I made that appointment for May 12th at 3:10! They said my due date is December 21st!!!! I am still to continue my medications. My rear end is literally a pincushion and I have knots all over. It is hard to sleep in a comfortable position. Tonight I think the shot will go in the front of my leg L I don’t really have a choice though. BUT I am pregnant so bring it on J

Yesterday I had breakfast…. Turkey sausage, egg white, cheese on low fat crescent. I saw my Frank’s Wing Sauce in the refrigerator and decided I must have it on my breakfast. Can we say pregnant? Mikie thought it was the coolest thing ever! I still have the giggles that it sounded so good and tasted so good.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The 1st site of baby :)

April 22nd

Ultrasound!!!! Dr. Haddad and Julie came in the room. He started doing the ultrasound and I watched Mikie’s face since I couldn’t see the screen. Well according to Dr. Haddad Julie lost the bet that it was twins! We have one extremely healthy baby in there!!!!!! Mikie thought it was twins too but I was 50/50 on the whole deal. Needless to say we were thrilled to get our 2nd picture of our baby! (Our 1st was of the actual embryos before they were transferred) It’s starting to sink in a little more now! We are going to have a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spoke to Mikie’s Aunt Rita tonight and she said that she did some Chinese calendar chart thing that determines the sex of the baby. She said it said Boy J She said the accuracy is about 90%. I don’t care either way as long as the baby is healthy. Mikie grinned from ear to ear when I told him! We shall see soon ! I honestly was a little relieved that it’s not twins. All of the thoughts of what if’s started going through my mind the past several days. So many more risks involved with twins. God knows what we need so he took care of it! Of course Mikie said that if this one is a girl we WILL be going to Dr.Haddad again and doing the gender test next time to make sure it’s a boy! LOL He is too cute. I love him so much and I am so thankful I get to share this with him….the man of my dreams J

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


April 21st

On my way to the doctor I started to get pretty nauseous. I got to the doctors office and had to get Sara to get me some water because I didn’t feel so well. Luckily the water helped and I felt better. Praying that wasn’t the start of any “morning” sickness. Rene did the blood work and then Julie came over and asked if we were doing the ultrasound. Rene didn’t want to until my levels were 2000 but Julie said they were probably at that level and we should do one! Finally we decided to wait to get the HCG results back. At 3:45 Julie called me with the results and my HCG levels were 2161 J Totally could have done the ultrasound but I am really glad we didn’t since Mikie was with me. We scheduled our 1st ultrasound at 11:30 tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! We are both extremely excited to see if it’s one or two J Thank You Jesus for taking such good care of us J

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pregnancy Test!!!

April 19th

Pregnancy Test at the doctor 8am! Although we knew…..I still needed to hear it from the doctor! I received the phone call about 3:30. PREGNANT! Ofcourse I was over joyed like it was the 1st time I was finding out! My HCG levels were 1110 J Julie the nurse said that I was either having a very very healthy pregnancy or there was 2 in there! Wow…so it could possibly be twins!!! We will be just as happy with one or two. This is starting to feel a little more real. Next appointment is the 21st at 8 for bloodwork and possibly an ultrasound. Wow! Can’t wait!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

BW & US :)

April 15th

Bloodwork at 8:00. Pretty much the entire day I was in agony! Waiting for that call. Finally by 4pm I was a nervous wreck so I decided to call. Julie gets on the phone and her tone was rather pleasant! She told me my levels looked really really good and to continue taking all the meds. She said she was so excited and couldn’t wait to see me Monday to do the bloodwork for the pregnancy test. So, as soon as I hung up I logged on to my patient portal and there it was…..my results! HCG went from 101 to 404!!!!!!! WOW!!! So I finally convinced Mikie to let me pick up a pregnancy test on the way home from work. I worked out after work and then waited on him to get home from the gym. As soon as he came in I took the test. I bought the digital kind so I didn’t have to mess with reading lines. So we waited for about 2 minutes after the I took the test and the words read : PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!! Never in 4 ½ years of trying had we ever seen this!!!!!! It was an amazing feeling. We hugged and I cried. We are in complete AWE of this. We decided to make a couple calls and tell some family. Mind is a blur and just in shock at the moment. Mikie is going to be a Daddy! And I am going to be a Mommy! I thanked Mikie for standing by my side through all the years and being the most amazing husband I could ever dream of. I am truly blessed with having him as my husband. Monday is the blood work to confirm and once that happens we will be on our journey officially J God has answered our prayers. God has done all of this and he deserves all of the praise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cramping a little...and I think I am pregnant

April 12th

I started cramping Sunday and into today. Different cramping then period cramps. It got me wondering but I was trying not to look into it too much. I had Bloodwork at 8am. Waiting for the nurse to call me was torture. I was a nervous wreck because I knew I would be able to get online to my patient portal page and see that HCG level. Finally 3:30 Rene called rather chipper. She said to continue taking all meds and I could come back either Thursday or Friday. Well considering how impatient I am right now I said Thursday at 8am. As soon as I hung up the phone with her I logged onto the internet. And there it was…my bloodwork results. My HCG levels went from 3.63 to 101 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I think I am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I research the hell out of HCG levels which I had done prior but my memory seemed to escape me. Basically every single page I searched through stated if your level is at least 25 you are pregnant. OMG Could it be??? But it’s not real…not yet. I must see that pregnancy test that says you are pregnant or have the doctor tell me. I am in utter disbelief. I tried to convince Mikie for me to do a test but he wanted to wait until Thursdays result so I agreed hesitantly. We are both pretty calm about it right now. I just need that confirmation. That Yes you are finally after 4 ½ years of trying and heartache and tears. Finally it is our time. Until I get this confirmation I can’t completely believe I am pregnant. I am praying Thursday’s HCG levels will have increased and then we take a test and then I probably still won’t believe it! HA! To God be the Glory

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bed Rest...

April 6th

Bed rest again…. Today I was definitely BLAH. Not used to sitting around doing nothing and feeling good. All for our babies and it’s worth it but feeling a little cooped up! Watched the food network all day just like yesterday. Read a little more of Twilight and actually starting to get into it. I got the call from Julie one of the nurses from Dr.Hadadd and she sadly said our 3rd fertilized egg didn’t make it so they weren’t able to freeze it. I really thought I would be ok with hearing that but I wasn’t. I broke down crying. Crying at the realization that if this time didn’t work we didn’t have any left over. Now trying to convince myself to be positive all over again. I really think part of it is me needing to get our of the house and get my mind off this. I have been so strong and so positive until this moment…total meltdown. I keep telling myself “Why would God take you guys this far and give up on you?” He doesn’t do that. It says in his scripture he will give you the desires of your heart. Yet, I still have tears.Mikie isn’t home yet he is working out. I know I will break down when I tell him. I really need to focus on the 2 embryos that are inside of me hopefully implanting. I know God wants us to have babies…..I know he does.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bed Rest

April 5th

Bed rest….Woke up at 5:30 today since Mikie had to be at work early. Plopped on the couch until he finished making me breakfast! Once he left I paid bills, balanced checkbook, called to schedule Wednesdays appointment, filled out the census, scheduled the car wash people to pick up my car today, talked to Cher, Mom, Rita, and Juli. Juli called because my car wasn’t here and she thought I had left! Hahaha no worries Juli, I am making sure these embryos are safe and sound J

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday/Transfer

April 4th

Happy Easter !! Totally didn’t sleep at all! Woke up at 3 and tossed and turned after that. We got up at 6:15 am to get ready to go to the doctor. We get there at 8:15 and that is when I started to consume water. I had to drink a bottle of water to make sure I had a full bladder while they did the transfer. Nurse came in and gave Mikie and me our coverings we had to wear while they did the transfer. At this point I take my 800mg Ibuprofen and 1 valium. Dr. Haddad came in to speak with us before the transfer. He said the two we were transferring looked good. They are going to give the 3rd one another day to grow because it wasn’t ready to be frozen yet. He said there was a 30% chance the 3rd would be frozen. Sort of disappointment about the 3rd but still so positive that the 2 we are transferring today were going to take! The valium starts to kick in so the nurse walks Mikie and I to the “operating room”. As I am getting settled on the table the nurse gives Mikie the picture of our 2 embryos! So very neat to be able to see what they look like before they were put inside! The procedure is guided by ultrasound so we got to see everything! 1st he cleaned my cervix off then used a trail catheter to make sure he was going exactly where he wanted to inside my uterus. I feel no pain at all…the only discomfort is the nurse pressing the ultrasound on my stomach because I had a full bladder! Then Dr. Haddad placed the catheter in my uterus and pushed the embryos in! He shot them in with an air bubble. Mikie held my hand the whole time. It was such a surreal moment for us. Once it was done we got a picture of the ultrasound showing the air bubble and the 2 embryos right underneath!!! Then I was wheeled to recovery while I stayed for about 30 minutes. Again, the worst part was that I had to pee!!!!! Once recovery was done I was wheeled out to the car and that is when bed rest started! I was pretty loopy at this point from the valium. We went home and I got comfortable and took a little nap. A bit later my mom came by with tons of magazines, candy and bbq for us! My sister came by with my precious niece also. Then Jess tried to burn the house down by microwaving Lauren’s food in a medal coffee cup…… Sorry Jess, I had to write this in here! Amy, Justin, Maci and Kinsley brought us over some Easter cupcakes that were delish! I pretty much chilled the rest of the day and will do the same tomorrow and Tuesday! As far as medications…I finished the Medrol today and still continue the shots of Progesterone at 50mg. I will go in on Wednesday for bloodwork to check my Estrogen and Progesterone levels to see if I need to increase or add any more medications.

Today was such a wonderful experience for Mikie and I. I find it amazing that God chose this Easter Sunday for us. Our Savior has risen. A new beginning! We are so blessed and so grateful and so thankful that words just can not describe. God is so good and is taking such good care of us!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Night before Transfer

April 3rd

Date night at Hooters tonight!!! Of course I drank water and Mikie had a beer. Getting up at 6:30 tomorrow morning to get ready to go to the doctor for the transfer. Feeling extremely blessed. I really can’t believe it has fallen on Easter Sunday. We celebrate our Savior rising from the dead. A new life will be created.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

April 2nd

Today is Good Friday. Thankful that God have his only son. And thankful Jesus died on the cross for me. So very much to be thankful for right now. I did several things today in preparation of bed rest, more on the list for tomorrow. Yesterday when I blogged I talked about how the intramuscular Progesterone shot didn’t hurt at all. Well today I am taking those words back. My buttocks is extremely sore. Shot two tonight. Weird how the shot itself doesn’t hurt it’s the after affects! I received a phone call from Rene and from Piney Point Surgery Center to confirm our 8:30 transfer time. Was told again that I need to bring 1-800mg Ibuprofen, 1-Valuim, 1- bottle of water. Super excited! Beyond ready. Praying hard J

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting Ready for the transfer

April 1st

I started the Medrol today. Can we just say…..hyper active! I haven’t had this much energy in ages! Especially taking 4 of them today….It is 11:00 pm and I am typing this. I am wired! Anyway, Mikie gave me my first progesterone shot tonight. In the left upper buttocks. I was nervous since the needle was so long but he had me lay in the couch face down and I had my pillow to hug. He puts ice on the area that he will inject and then……. He puts the needle in. I barely felt it! It wasn’t bad at all! I suddenly got the giggles as he is still injecting the progesterone in! I totally over thought this shot and was nervous but it turned out to be fine. Now I am sure after possibly 8 weeks of doing this my rear will be a bit sore and I might be typing cuss words ;) I have tomorrow off since it is Good Friday. I will be cleaning, grocery shopping and preparing for my 3 days of bed rest. Never thought I would ever be so excited to be on bed rest!

On another note….. I am a very active person. I workout 6 days a week and run a lot. My diet is pretty strict although lately I have been a little sloppy with it. I am not allowed to get my heart rate over 120 and I can not do any running or weight lifting right now. I never thought this would be hard until tonight. I decided to walk outside …. Walk ….seriously it’s beyond boring. It really sucks not being able to work up a good sweat and feel pumped your workout. BUT it is all for a great wonderful amazing cause! I will just have to come to grips with it and keep my diet in check. Since Mikie’s surgery it seem like I am always on him to be careful and asking “should you be doing that” or “is that too much weight to lift”. Our situations are very different but I finally understand how he must feel with someone telling you that you can’t be active or to slow it down. Tonight I apologized for not being sensitive to the fact that this transition for him must be hard. I can now see why he continues to work out and be active because he loves it and refuses to give in. At this time I must give in to make sure I stay “fit” for a baby. I am 150% ok with this. BUT I can tell you now, after the baby/babies…… Personal Trainer here I come!!!