Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meeting Dr. Haddad


We met with Dr. Haddad today. We were 30 minutes late because I didn’t have the exact directions and we couldn’t find it! But we made it and the staff was very nice. Dr. Haddad was very sweet and very positive. When Mikie asked him what happens if the 1st cycle doesn’t work he said….. We like to be positive and believe that it will work” . That gave me much comfort to hear a doctor say this. So, we decided to move forward with the InVitro process. This means I start Birth control Pills tomorrow 1/29/10. We are so very excited!!!!!

Now, Mikie is having cervical spine surgery on the 4th . Some may think we are crazy to start the InVitro process while this is going on with him but we are READY! He is going to be in a hard cast for 1 week then 3-4 weeks in a soft cast. He will recover quickly I am sure of it! God will be his healer through all this. I am praying very hard for him.

A week ago I would have NEVER imagined we would be where we are today but I am thankful and ready to get Mikie back to normal. We are on our way to a baby and on our way to a family together. I love that Man so much and so grateful for him!

God is answering prayers…. J

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We are there...but we are not...but we are....

I am happy to say we FINALLY have the money to start InVitro!!! We will be visiting with a new doctor soon. We are praying that we love him and his staff. We originally had an appointment last week but unfortunately had to cancel. My sweet Mikie has a herniated disc. Spent last Monday night in the ER and finally this past saturday had his MRI. He visited with a Neurosurgeon today that wants to do surgery fast. As in next Thursday the 4th! He is going for a second opinion and get the ball rolling. That being said....we have to put the baby making on hold to get him well. He is our priority right now. It is definitely another speed bump/road block in our journey for Baby Sopczak. I truely believe there is a reason for all this. God has his reasons and we may never understand. But what we do know is Mikie is going to be ok and we will get our bundle of Joy in GOD'S time. 4 years is a long time to want something so bad.....but we have learned ALOT of patience and we have learned what Faith is.

Thanks to everyone for all their prayers.....