Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kye was born

I actually wrote these entries while Kye was in the hospital..... I just read them again for the first time in a year and I decided to post... Praise God, we are SO blessed.

October 16th 2010
It’s absolutely amazing what a wonderful pregnancy I had up until this point. I am still re-playing it all in my mind over and over. I just can’t believe it all happen so fast.
At 3 am I woke up feeling a little cramping. I thought it was possibly gas pains or constipation. By 4 am I was out of bed in the living room walking around hoping this little bit of pain would subside. At 7am I started to get concerned. The pain was getting much worse and I wasn’t sure what was going on. I spoke with my sister and she said it could be a kidney stone so I should go to the hospital because it could cause me to go into labor. At this point I had already called the afterhours line with my doctor and left my info for a nurse to call back. The pain begins to get worse and Mikie wakes up. I call my sweet neighbor Amanda and she suggest I go to the hospital immediately because it could be a kidney stone or worse. We get dressed and get out the door. So concerned Mikie wouldn’t get to eat for a while I literally made him pull over at Morning Kolache’s to get him some food. As we are driving I call the afterhours line and let them know we are on the way to the hospital. The nurse said she would contact them and let them know we were coming.

We get to the hospital and they get me in a room and hook me up to monitor the baby. He was doing just fine but I sure wasn’t. They did ultrasound on my kidneys and everything seemed to look ok. It took them 4 times before they could get an IV started on me. Finally had to get the anesthesiologist to do it. The pain got so bad I started to vomit. At this point they started to give me pain medication. I really have no clue how much they gave me but I was drugged pretty good. I don’t remember a lot of my surrounding but I do remember the important details. Kye’s heartbeat started to drop. It would be really high then drop really low. Dr. Ball started to get very concerned. She went and got another doctor to get her opinion. This other doctor who I don’t know her name came in and looked me straight in the eyes and said “If we do not take your baby right now he will die.” Those are words no mother to be who has tried for 4 ½ years and finally did IVF wants to hear. I was so drugged but I remember turning my head to look at Mikie trying to focus on his face. All I could do is stare. I couldn’t speak. Within seconds there was nurses all over the place asking questions, getting signatures and getting me ready for emergency c-section.
We get to the operating room and I am so drugged and still feeling pain. They prep me for the epidural. It barely felt like a pinch because I was so medicated. Now the doctors still have no idea what is going on with me they just know Kye is under stress and needs to come out. They were thinking it was something with my placenta which is a “normal” thing that can happen. They lay me down on the table and bring Mikie in. They let me know that there will be some pressure on my chest area but not to be alarmed. Looking back I am very thankful for all the pain medication before hand. I really have no idea mentally and emotionally how I would have dealt with all this. The doctor’s are doing the c-section and I hear one of them say “Wow, so that’s what happen.” Mikie stands up to look over the curtain. I still can’t believe he looked and saw all of my insides out on display. Well, there is was…the answer to why I was hurting so bad. My uterus ruptured. They get Kye out and rush him away with barely enough time for Mikie to snap a photo with his iphone. Yes, we went to the hospital but no way did we expect to have our baby. Not 10 weeks early especially. In the recovery room they wheeled Kye in to us once they had him hooked up to oxygen. I remember putting my hand into the isolete and him grabbing my finger. Mikie says his name and he turns his head with those big eyes and looks at us. Then they wheel him away.

That day I was still so medicated that I don’t remember much. I couldn’t cry or really understand what just happened. The next day however was different once reality set in.

Kye Love Sopczak
Born at 1:20 pm
3lbs 5oz
16.25 inches long

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