Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 28

Week 28

September 28th
Doctor appointment went well with Dr. Cone. I weighed as soon as I went in…I really wish they would leave this part out!! He went over my results for my follow up pap smear. Everything was still the same but the good news is nothing was worse! He asked if anything big was going on and I simply commented “beside me…nothing”. He laughed and insisted that I was an adorable pregnant woman. Kye’s heartbeat was strong as always! Everything is looking great!

Saturday Mikie and I went to our 1st baby class at Texas Women’s! It was called Life with Baby. We learned so much! I really never thought we would learn as much as we did. I was very glad she talked about circumcisions because I know nothing about them. And now I know exactly what to expect! Mikie was so awesome in the class. Changing the baby doll’s diaper and giving him a pretend bath! Mikie seriously is the swaddle master! I didn’t do near as good a job as he did. It was like he had done it a million times! He asked questions that were really good. I was SO PROUD to have him there with me and that he was my husband. I felt bad for the lady next to us who’s husband at one point used the baby doll as a pillow to nap a bit. We had such a great time together in this class. At one point while we were watching a video on ways to calm your crying baby I got the giggles so bad I thought I might have to excuse myself from class! Half way through the class I get a text message from Mikie telling me how much this class was making him excited about Kye. It was definitely a bonding experience for us and I am so glad we went! Our next class is the Breast feeding class. He is going with me so that he can totally support me and encourage me through it! Gosh I love him so much!

Kye has been getting the hiccups lately here and there. Before I could only feel them inside and not on the outside. Now, I can feel them on the outside! Mikie got to feel them! It’s the cutest thing ever!!!!!!

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