Tuesday, September 28, 2010

26 & 27 weeks

September 14th
Week 26

Well week 26 started with a melt down! My sciatic nerve eased up so I decided to workout at the gym. Well, on the way there from work I start feeling insecure and debated on going. Mikie called and encouraged me so I ended up going to the gym. Ofcourse as soon as I got home he was smiling and saying he was proud of me for going and how he thinks I am so beautiful. I broke down crying. I don’t feel beautiful. I think my belly is beautiful but my thighs, butt and face are chubby. He basically told me I was being extremely too hard on myself and really needed to relax. He really is simply amazing and I love him beyond what words can describe. Wednesday Mikie flew out to St. Louis for the day for work. In the middle of the day I get this text from him “ I love ya’ll more than my next breath”. My heart completely melted. I decided to walk around the block since my security blanket wouldn’t be at the gym tonight. Well low and behold my sciatic nerve started acting up. I still finished my measly little mile but there were tears when I was done. After a nice warm bath I felt a little better. Dang nerve!!!! Mikie was able to feel Kye moving around! He has felt him kick but finally got to feel him moving like a maniac. Such an awesome moment!

We registered for 2 classes at Texas Womens. Infant care class and the breast feeding class. One is Oct 2nd and the other is the 23rd. We also finally picked out the carpet we want and have it scheduled to be done the week of October 11th. The baby shower is on the 9th. Mikie’s Birthday is the 17th. Michelle’s Bachlorette party is the 23rd. October is going to be jam packed. I have no clue when Kye’s room is going to get finished. Trying SO HARD not to stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did a maternity photoshoot with Laurie on Sunday. She is starting her own photography business and wanted to do a shoot with me. It went great and can not wait to see the pics!

Mikie left Monday the 20th for Michigan again. He will be back Thursday THANK GOD!

September 28th
27 weeks

Mikie is in Michigan again….. He came home Thursday. I hate him leaving. Time is going so fast. I had anxiety on Friday and literally nothing brought it on. I have too much going through my head I suppose. This coming Friday the 1st will be my co-worker Kathleen’s last day before her surgery. She will be out for 4 weeks. I have been completely fine up until now about it. I have so much going on in my personal life trying to get ready for baby and now work it just going to be adding to it. Way too much of an overwhelming feeling.

Saturday was Lauren’s 1st birthday party. I can’t believe she is already 1! We had a great time at her party!

We found Kye’s curtains at Target. Just need to measure to see what size we need to get. We also went to Lowe’s and got some samples for painting. We will have to wait until the carpet is install before we can decide. Still trying to find the right lamp for Kye’s room. We are adding the checkered flags to it so I have to find the right one so we can drill in it!

Went to Walmart on Sunday morning and as I am in the restroom messing with my eye in the mirror this lady walks in. She says very loudly “OMG I thought you were going to go into labor”. I literally just turned and stared at her. Seriously lady….I AM NOT THAT BIG 1st of all and 2nd of all if I was hunched over moaning than by all means you can think I was going into labor. Then, Monday at work this guys says “Please don’t go into labor today, I don’t know how to deliver a baby.” Now, I let him off the hook since I like him and work well with him but still……. And to top off Week 27, I went to the gym and some little teenie bopper little boy say “WHOOW” when I walked by. I almost turned around and gave him a lesson in hormonal pregnant women….but I didn’t think he could handle me! Most important….I can’t hide the fact I am pregnant and don’t want to! My belly is big and that means our precious baby Kye is growing like he is supposed to! God is so amazing!

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