Thursday, September 9, 2010

23 & 24 weeks!

August 31st

Week 23
So Mikie is back in Michigan and it’s me and the kitties again. Decided to focus on working out and trying to keep my mind occupied. So many things to do to get ready for Kye. Things were going good until Thursday….my sciatic nerve was killing me. So bad I had a hard time walking that night. However, I still had to wash litter boxes. So I decided to just go ahead and make the move…….the room the litterboxes are in is going to be Kye’s room so I moved the litterboxes to the other spare room. Hope the kitties don’t get too mad at me!

I have been working on the baby shower list, and getting the registry somewhat done. Devon and I went to Babies R Us Friday night. What a huge help she has been!

Really been wanting coffee everyday and milk. I have been making decaf at work so I am not consuming too much caffeine. Just very ready for Mikie to come home. I am trying very hard to stay in good spirits.

September 6th
Week 24

This week I feel like a blowfish. Huge swollen blowfish! I have been down about it but trying so hard to keep reminding myself that Kye is the reason for all this and that is all that matters. Never imagined I would have this much of an issue gaining weight. I even looked online at Baby Center at the photos of other pregnant women to make myself feel better. Kye is moving around like crazy! Cher and Kathleen got to feel him! So very cool. Mikie is still in Michigan but he told me tonight that he will be home Tuesday of next week!!! I can’t wait to wrap my arms around him!!!!!! I found a shower dress!!! It’s so pretty and blue! I will have to have it altered but I am so excited. I also searched for a cute bra and panties set for my maternity photo shoot with Laurie next weekend…..lets just say that was a disaster and ended in tears.

I have still been dealing with the pain of my sciatic nerve and also get to add gallbladder pains. I have been having some pain from my gallbladder for a while but didn’t realize that’s what it was. I hurt on my back right shoulder blade area. My sis swore this is what it is but I thought it was just back pains. Then I started to realize after dinner or even during dinner it’s starts to hurt. It has been pretty bad about 3 nights so far and the rest has been manageable. I will tell Dr. Cone at my appointment this week so he is aware. The count down is on for Mikie to be home! He is going to be amazed to see my belly again!

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